Rebecca Nurse Petition to the Court 
To: To the Honour'd Court of Oryr and Terminer now Sitting
In Salem, this 28 of June An'o 1692
The humble petission of Rebecca Nurse of Salem Village Humbley Sheweth
That whareas sum Women did sarch your Petissioner At salem, as I did then Conceive for Sum Supernaturall Marke, and then one of the s'd women which is known to be, the Moaste Antient Skillfull prudent person of them all as to Any such Concernd: Did Express hirselfe to be: of A contrary opinion from the Rest And Did then
Declare, that shee saw nothing In or Aboute yo'r Honors poare pettissioner but what Might Arise from A naturall Cause: And I then Rendered the said persons asuficient knowne Reason as to My selfe of the Moveing Cause thereof: which was by Exceeding weaknesses: decending partly from an overture of Nature and difficult Exigences that hath Befallen me In the times of my Travells: And therefore Yo'r pettissioner Humbley prayes That you Honours would be pleased to Admitt of sum other women to Enquire Into this Great: Concerne, those that are Moast Grand wise and Skillfull: Namely Ms: Higginson sen'r Ms Buckstone: Ms: Woodbery two of them being Midwives: Ms: Porter Together with such others, as may be Choasen, on that Account: Before I am Brought to my triall: All which I hoape yo'r Honours: will take Into yo'r prudent Consideration, And find it requisite soe to doe: for my Lyfe Lyes Now In yo'r Hands under God: And Being Conscious of My owne Innocency -- I Humbley Begg that I may have Liberty to Manifest it to the wourld partly by the Meanes Abovesaid. And yo'r Poare pettissioner shall Evermore pray as In duty Bound &c//
Rebecca Nurse
hir marke
(Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA)